Wednesday, March 9, 2011

week 14 & week 1(five)

thursday: 2.3 miles and feeling OK
friday: blue and gold scouts banquet
saturday: (five)am departure south and a road trip
sunday: i ran a marathon and smiled all 26.2 miles
monday: traveling mercies
tuesday: my road bike
wednesday: last day of my boys basketball practice

thursday: an evening at home
friday: headlights in the driveway
saturday: attending an sustainable food seminar, after a basketball game and still muddy from an early morning trail run
sunday: watching my boys create with hammers, nails & scrap wood
monday: flowers blooming in my yard
tuesday: international women's day 100th year celebration and the women in my life
wednesday: being back on my mat

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

week 13

thursday: somethings will always be the same and counting on those things gives me a heart of gratefulness
friday: being a substitute teacher in c's classroom for two days this week
saturday: crowded booths
sunday: {1} randomly running into friends of J's and the way out boys invited them to dinner. looking at J i said, "why not?" they accepted and a meal, conversation and prayer was shared.
{2} tomorrow
monday: firsts
tuesday: passing along this information to a travel agent -- dates, numbers and my full name as it appears on my passport
wednesday: a 4:03 am ring on my phone and the conversation which followed

Thursday, February 17, 2011

week 12

thursday: ymca
friday: vagina monologues and v-day to end violence against women
saturday: sweet e in the morning and a date with c in the afternoon ~ beauty and the beast off broadway and burgers at an old favorite of mine
sunday: the image of God being a white board thinker and caves
monday: white tulips, extra dark chocolate, a hand made card (...and...)
tuesday: sunny, sunny, sunny hilly miles, five of them with a sub 8 average
wednesday: laughing with my boys on the way to school because we were driving through the clouds

Sunday, February 13, 2011

extra thankful this valentine's day eve...

...for friends.
...real friends.
...sister friends.
...dinners made and dinners shared.
here's to not making war, but nurturing loving.
I love you, each.
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

week 11

thursday: extra boys in my home
friday: salmon and cutting board being part of a night of communion
saturday: breakfast for dinner parties
sunday: crazy messy delicious wings
monday: bumping into people i have not seen in months and learning of the days we have missed inbetween visits
tuesday: snow. yes, i think i'm grateful for snow. ok, mostly i'm grateful for snow or at least have an open heart towards snow. that's it, an open heart towards snow.
wednesday: poppy seeds

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

week 10

thursday: remembering my dreams and the smiles of the boys that were in them; there were three.
friday: wind blown hair at the end of january, because my windows were down and sunroof was open and the temperature was in the mid 60's.
saturday: wooden race cars and boys who race them.
sunday: three and a half hours of church around my table.
monday: the moment the school day ended.
tuesday: the sound of ice falling from the sky -- kerplunking through the trees to the ground and my construction abilities with sheets, blankets, chairs, couches, pillows and a mattress. (I make a killer blanket fort.)
wednesday: "taking a chance on you" and naming today a holiday on my personal calendar. happy micah 6:8 day!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

week 9

thursday: teaching and making baguettes & baking cookies with my boys
friday: receiving a compliment on my running and accepting it. along with that noticing that my early & freezing morning runs are paying off.
saturday: cooking classes and cupcake wars
sunday: nfl playoff games
monday: seeing 11 bluebirds on my run and making the best batch of granola to date
tuesday: patty
wednesday: letters written on the back of recipes, dessert recipes